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FDA approves new Eli Lilly drug to ‘resolve’ migraine pain in two hours

Getty Images The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new drug to treat migraines that’s proven to resolve their pain and other symptoms within two hours, the agency said Friday.  The drug, Reyvow, was developed by Eli Lilly and Co.  and was proven to be “significantly” more effective than a placebo in halting the… Read More »

Patient Services are Crucial to the Economics of Pharmacy – Drug Topics

Recent pharmacy staff layoffs at Walmart and Sam’s Club—along with Walgreens and CVS closing some stores—are shining a spotlight on the ever-increasing pharmacy jobs problem.  In community settings in particular, there are simply not enough open positions for all of the pharmacy graduates as well as those changing jobs due to layoffs and other reasons.… Read More »

A new study considers methadone to be the most appropriate non-addictive opioid drug to treat chronic pain

Recerca Administrating methadone instead of morphine is he most indicated pharmacological treatment in the fight against chronic pain, according to a new article published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation –which counts on the participation of the experts Vicent Casadó, Estefania Moreno and Verònica Casado-Anguera, from the Molecular Neurobiology Research Group of the Faculty of Biology, the Institute… Read More »